The provision of traceability and document management services, based

on the myLedger infrastructure, is possible thanks to the participation in the project 

of a number of organizations project of a certain number of Private Organizations 

and Public Bodies, whose mission is to promote cooperation between businesses, 

institutions and citizens, while at the same time pursuing territorial development 

logics, focused on the “green transition” of the manufacturing sector and the 

digitalization of production processes industrial production process.

The idea shared by all the nodes of the network from the start was to

contribute to the strategic repositioning of companies that had decided to

to use our services, by stimulating reflections related to Uniqueness and 

Authenticity of their products, to be considered as strategic assets on 

which to concentrate in  order to conquer new markets.

Below you will find the current shared network nodes and a selection of our customers.

Validator Nodes

DID - Distretto Interni Design

c/o  CSM S.r.l.

Centro Direzionale Campomaggio, 15 (Loc, Drove)  -  53036 Poggibonsi (SI) 

Internet address: 1CD59gpiYyMU17DKdUuMV2br9DEV2ubwYz

DITECFER - District for Railway Technology, Alta Velocity and Safety of Reti

c/o  UNISER Polo Universitario I

Via Sandro Pertini, 358  -  51100 Pistoia (PT)

Internet address: 17qtCxyjSU7BaCJZK2vHZSrqpWSyTbTcJ9

OTIR2020 - TUSCANY FASHION CLUSTER - Distretto Tecnologico per il Sistema Moda

c/o NEXT TECHNOLOGY TECNOTESSILE Società Nazionale di Ricerca R.L.

Via del Gelso, 13  -  59100 Prato (PO)

Internet address: 12P2CVnHoTjXBFxofQ6xMcEoD3vjkVcAHf


c/o  APUANA SB S.r.l. Società Benefit

Largo XXV Aprile, 8  -  54033 Carrara (MS)

Internet address: 1PeGoXe7s55QkzMULp4mdJ28kLeYC2yy2M

Our Clients


c/o Savio Firmino S.r.l. - Via delle Fonti, 10 - 50018 Scandicci (FI)

Internet address: 3HLVBe32GyZsmUZoSFNJ9b95iNBHm27E3k


c/o Model Idea S.r.l. - Via Catagnina, 4 - 54100 Massa (MS)

Internet address: 39LjFXrcfVMKyYSpN7wxYQby3srX9tw287


c/o Dansk S.r.l. - Via Carriona, 400 - 54033 Carrara (MS)

Internet address: 37uHasd2X1sZr8iMExe9ESbkUnd2ZFumQZ


c/o Marble+ Soc. Coop. - Via Carriona, 230 - 54033 Carrara (MS)

Internet address: 33wNdf4zpQ9TgkcU5UAShvki8uyptYDNSu


c/o Fornai Lavorazione Marmi S.r.l. - Via Melara, 23 - 54033 Carrara (MS)

Internet address: 3MPi4cEDYYDYUXuQtZLyejp1umMSnfxzKv


c/o A.D. Marmi S.n.c. - Via B. Bandinelli, 11 - 54033 Carrara (MS)

Internet address:  3Kf8THWNkLEBDLZ9qBqNT27WTk88KYLV9f


c/o Il Marmo di Vatteroni Emanuele - Via Carriona, 22 - 54033 Carrara (MS)

Internet address: 3AbvQvAgPZogmvGinivg99g9n5YdGmzVMh

Fabio Iemmi (Ricerca artistica)

c/o Fabio Iemmi - Viale Monte San Michele, 5 - 42121 Reggio Emilia (RE)

Internet address:  3EuXM6zzpK4MFFLQMrMywt1ofcW7pBF7St 

APUANA CORPORATE - La Fabbrica Diffusa

c/o  APUANA SB S.r.l. Società Benefit - Via Prov.le Carrara Avenza, 109 - 54033 Carrara (MS)

Internet address:  37KmN1d2eJSi4yKFmpZvmR4HQW1fWuwpMB 

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